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Commitment to health, safety and environment (HSE) permeates every level of the Industrie Polieco-MPB (IP-MPB) organisation.

For IP-MPB HSE excellence is built into our work practices and operations as vital elements to our overall business success.

HSE is definitively part of our culture and concern to these subjects is an integral part of IP-MPB's business policy. There is no margin of error for careless acts and each individual is responsible not only for his or her own safety but the safety of colleagues. This individual responsibility along with the belief that all accidents are preventable is our guiding principle.

The goal is zero safety incidents. IP-MPB is committed to environmental stewardship and has reached goals that go beyond what the law requires.

Our site is located in the marvellous and turistic area of Franciacorta area and operating an industry in such a panorama reinforces our commitment to protect the environment. Our business success and good relationship with our community is a result of commitment to environmental and economic interdependence.

The standard for which companies can be certified for environmental management systems is the ISO 14001 IP-MPB decided to apply for ISO 14001 and achieved the certification in 2005. ISO 14001 contains requirements that may be objectively audited for certification/registration purposes or for self-declaration purposes.

Alternatively, this International Standard includes examples, descriptions and options that aid both in the implementation of an EMS, Environmental Management System, and in strengthening its relation to the overall management of the organization.

Based on that we can assert tha the ISO 14000 series of standards published by ISO serves to help facilities and organizations around the world to better manage their environmental affairs and demonstrate a commitment to environmental protection and stewardship and to go well beyond regulatory compliance.

In addition to compliance with regulatory requirements, we pursue the following objectives in close cooperation with our distributors, customers and suppliers.

IP-MPB seeks to conduct its activities in such a way as to prevent harm to the health of its employees.
IP-MPB seeks to expand the concern for health, safety and environment to our suppliers and customers.
IP-MPB strives to prevent any injuries at work both for our own employees and our contractors.
IP-MPB protects the environment by preventing or minimising the environmental impact of its activities and products through appropriate design, manufacturing, distribution, use, and disposal practices.


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