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03.22.2006 - MPB Middle East Fzco in U.A.E.

The strategy of this Project, today at Phase-I, is such a one that even the Italian Government (25% share) want to become a partner.

MPB Middle East Fzco will be among the largest producers of coloured and black polyethylene compounds in the all Middle East area, through a plant that is expected on stream as from the first quarter of 2007.
The intention is to optimise the commercial and logistic service to the Clients of the area (U.A.E., Saudi, Kuwait, Iran, India, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and even Asia).

The remarkable appreciation Clients showed to the Project will be generously rewarded by real benefits.
The increasing preference to MPB products in the years deserve this investment.
The commercial dialogue will continue with who has opened these markets to grant confortable contacts, specific expertise and global vision of the business.

MPB underline that it is thanks to Clients' esteem that today it is possible to go through this new adventure together.

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