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12.02.2007 - CONFINDUSTRIA’s prize to the “Champions in Growing” Companies

The President, Mr Luigi Tonelli, is awarding a prize from Luca Cordero di Montezemolo
The middle-sized companies are seen more often as a driving force behind our economy: companies, which make the image of the “Made in Italy” big in the world and act nationally as customers as well as spreaders of knowledge, technologies and management practices. But how many middle-sized companies are there in Italy and especially how many manage to combine growth and profitability? Secondly which strategies grant a “profitable growth” and which lessons can we learn from the present success cases?

Graphs "Champions in Growing 2007"
In order to give some answers to these difficult questions, last year CONFINDUSTRIA launched an important project about the “Champions in growing” with the cooperation of Cerved Group, the Mc Kinsey Company and the Bocconi University of Milan. The quality-quantitative research has been of middle-sized manufacturing companies with a turnover between 100 million to 1000 million Euros including some of our “pocket multinationals“.

During this event, besides the presentation of the investigation results which are full of interesting hints both for the entrepreneurs and economists, a prize was awarded to each middle-sized Italian company that has reported in the last five years the best performances ever concerning the “profitable growth”. Industrie Polieco-MPB srl, with a turnover of 205 millions in 2007, was selected and awarded as one of the best among the first eleven ones.

The work opening was led by Andrea Pininfarina, Vice President of the Confindustria Research Centre, and he introduced this subject through two graphs showing exactly the criteria taken into consideration for awarding the prize with reference to the period 2001-2005.

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