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12.21.2007 - 30th ANNIVERSARY - 1977-2007

Prize to Borealis: hstorical supplier since 30 years
We are glad to announce that Industrie Polieco-MPB srl has reached the 30th year of activity.

Our President’s vision is certainly a milestone in this success, but it is undeniable that he, who daily permits to turn his ideas into an industrial success, considers some valuable factors: the clients, the suppliers, the engineering societies, the pipeline owners, the banks and the professionals cooperating with us.

Prize to Sabic as the most relevant supplier for year 2007
Thanks to them all and the reciprocal exchange of experience, we’ve grown in our knowledge and understanding of the business area where we all operate.

We were honoured to enjoy their presence during the evening of 21st December 2007.

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