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Industrie Polieco MPB  is a private owned Company located in the marvellous area of Franciacorta. 1.650 hectares of wine-yards defined D.O.C.G. in 1992.

A strip of plain, gentle hills with medieval castles, monasteries and villas some of which today have been converted in world famous wine cellars or luxury hotels with SPA.

This area is part of one of the most important European industrialised areas where the strong will of the local  indefatigable entrepreneurs have lead the region to the today richness and prosperity.

While enlarging our activity, our values remained constant in the years: commitment to health, safety and environment, by looking at new challenges as at unique opportunities of exercising our curiosity and creativity, high ethical standars and treating people with respect.

Our mission remains to achieve sustainable growth, creating new products through the power of our constantly improving knowledge and professionism; to keep unity with our Clients as we do believe that we are: one Company one Team.

The Pleasure of Innovation

We agree with the phrase of Peter Spitz, Austrian chemical engineer, Chairman of Chem System: "And so, the search continues and we are privileged to be observers and sometimes even participants, for those of us who believe that the advancement of science and technology is an inexorable process that brings far more good than harm to mankind the future looks bright".