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MPB Materie Plastiche Bresciane is one of the industrial divisions, which belongs to Industrie Polieco-M.P.B. S.r.L.
MPB produces a complete range of PE and PP compounds and grafted adhesives suitable for multi layer (Tie Layer) applications.

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In 1977 MPB was primarily a trading Company with a minor compounding activity mainly serving the domestic market. Roughly thirty years after, by looking at opportunities through the eyes of Clients, by applying flexibility and identifying un-met needs through innovative solutions, our focused turned to performance and specality poly-olefins baseda products.

Today the Company offer technology based solutions that make real difference at Clients' plants around the world in areas of business where health care, safety and security have un-renounceable meaning.

MPB dedicates important resources in the activities of R&D to satisfy the necessities of the final markets; the company offers to its Clients an adequate service of technical assistance specialized in the field in which it operates.

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